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Per license respectively at least 1 BASIC, 1 IN and 1 OUT module is required.

The fast and simple data logger

ACCON-EasyLog continues easy operation known by his predecessor product ACCON-S7-EasyLog and also brings new possibilities in addition to a modern design. Thus ACCON-EasyLog is ideally suited to quickly and simply read and save data from the PLC. This is possible either time-controlled or event-driven.

Further you can use ACCON-EasyLog to connect your existing or new machines with an Arburg Management System (ALS) for visualizing and archiving the process data. Our long seller is constantly enhanced according to market requirements and is also available as a special customisation at a low price.

If you have a SQL server from Microsoft or a MySQL server in use, you can write your data directly into it. ACCON-EasyLog support this SQL server through the ODBC interface. You have the choice in which format you want to write your data.

To be able to quickly identify deviations offers ACCON-EasyLog a graphical representation of the data. Thus, you can quickly pinpoint trends and can respond immediately.

As multilingual software ACCON-EasyLog offers the user interface in German or English.

Perfect fields of application

ACCON-S7-EasyLog allows the (mandatory) archiving of process data for quality assurance and quality control.

Varied ranges of application

Recording and logging of a wide variety of data and formats, e.g. logging the machine down times for documentation or logging the operating history, e.g. recording the temperatures of a cold storage house or filling levels in silos or reservoirs.

Due to the graphical representation of the data you can quickly identify whether values drift.

Convincing and varied

The data are saved as a CSV file and can then be viewed and further processed e.g. with Excel. Alternatively, or in addition to CSV logging, the data can be written to a SQL database or sent via TCP/IP to the Arburg control system for archiving. The currently read process data are displayed directly in the software ACCON-EasyLog. All common communication channels to the S7-200, S7-1200, S7-300, S7-400, S7-1500, LOGO! 0BA7 and LOGO! 0BA8 are supported. Communication to SIGMATEK controls is possible via TCP/IP.

ACCON-EasyLog also supports the S7-1200/S7-1500 with optimized data access and is capable of importing symbols directly from the TIA Portal. Supported are the version 11,12 and 13.

Technical highlights

  • Software easy to use
  • Logging of a wide variety of data and formats
  • Displaying the current and the historical values
  • Display the data as a bar chart (current values) and line or area chart (historical values)
  • Saving data in the CSV format
  • Sending the data to the Arburg control system
  • Storing the data in a Microsoft SQL database
  • Storing the data in a MySQL database
  • Data buffering, if writing is not possible
  • Free processing and interpretation e.g. in Excel
  • Time-controlled logging possible
  • Event-driven logging possible
  • Logging on exceeding thresholds (minimum and maximum monitoring) possible
  • Archiving on occurrence or disappearance of events (edge triggered)
  • Archiving while events are present (gate triggered)
  • File, path and table names can contain actual values from the PLC
  • File, path and table names can contain system variables (date, time, ...)
  • Assignment tables (Replace values with text, i.e. for Messages)
  • Shows archiving standby on the PLC via life bit (only S7)
  • Time synchronization with the PLC is possible (in S7-200, S7-300 and S7-400)
  • Acknowledgement to PLC possible after logging
  • Supports the PLCs S7-200, S7-1200, S7-300, S7-400, S7-1500, LOGO! 0BA7 and LOGO! 0BA8 via MPI, PROFIBUS, PPI, and TCP/IP
  • Supports S7-1200 and S7-1500 with symbolic access via TCP/IP and TIA project import
  • Supports SIGMATEK controllers via TCP/IP
  • Several configurations can be active simultaneously
  • Virtual variables (constant values, post processed variables) can be used
  • Special customisations available for a reasonable price

Technical Details

Technical Data

Supported Operating SystemsWindows XP, 2008 R2, 7, 8.1, 10, 2012 R2
Hardware requirementsAt least Pentium III 1.200 MHz, 1 GB RAM, 70 MB free hard disk space for software and sufficient hard disk space for log files
Supported PLCsS7-200, S7-1200, S7-1500, S7-300, S7-400, S7-400H (S7-300/400 compatible PLCs, e.g. Vipa, Saia, Berthel), LOGO! 0BA7, LOGO! 0BA8, SIGMATEK through TCP/IP
Max. number of supported PLCs32, expandable to 64
Max. number of variables for each PLC256, expandable to 1024 or 4096

Supported communication channels

PLC interfacePC interface
S7-300/400/400H via MPIACCON-NetLink-PRO compact
ACCON-NetLink-USB compact
S7-300/400/400H via PROFIBUSACCON-NetLink-PRO compact
ACCON-NetLink-USB compactPC-Adapter
S7-300/400/400H via TCP/IP (PN/IE)*--*
S7-300/400/400H Modem--ACCON-MPI/PROFIBUS Modem-
via TCP/IP (PN/IE)
via PPI
ACCON-NetLink-PRO compact
ACCON-NetLink-USB compactPPI-Kabel
(via S7-PC/CP)
ACCON-NetLink-PRO compact
ACCON-NetLink-USB compact-*
via TCP/IP

+ Possible without adapter
 - Not possible


Setup file V2.1.1.0 with manual, runs without licence in demo mode
SetupEasyLog.zip139 MBDec 2, 2015
Comparison ACCON-EasyLog and ACCON-S7-EasyLog
ACCON-EasyLog Gegenüberstellung ACCON-S7-EasyLog.zip76 KBSep 17, 2014



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