Quality at DELTA LOGIC
Accredited and Certified

Quality: A conscious choice

DELTA LOGIC places the highest value on quality, both in terms of our products and our performance as a company. Because this is the only way we can ensure long-term and lasting reliability. Those who choose our Swabianware know that they are choosing excellent quality.
Many important building blocks contribute to this. In addition to the entire DELTA LOGIC team, these are our customers, partners and consultants. The constant exchange with users, decision makers, entrepreneurs, associations and other organizations is another important building block. And last but not least, we ensure this quality through a planned process of work.

Certified quality 

DELTA LOGIC is DIN EN ISO 9001 certified. This certification is a well-known and widely used standard for quality management. Companies that are certified accordingly prove that they have implemented and apply a reliable quality management system in their company. Audits for verification are conducted annually.
The reliability of a company is also expressed in its credit rating. Good and long-term partnerships with suppliers, consultants and partners are created through planned and foresighted actions. DELTA LOGIC has been awarded the CrefoZert creditworthiness certificate.

Memberships in associations and organizations

DELTA LOGIC is a member of the German Mechanical Engineering Industry Association (In German Cerband Deutscher Maschinen- und Anlagenbau, VDMA). We are also a member of the OPC Foundation. Two important building blocks for professional exchange when it comes to automation in times of Industry 4.0 and IIoT. 

Selected awards

DELTA LOGIC has received a number of important awards over the years. These include the Großer Preis des Mittelstandes (Grand Prix of Medium-Sized Businesses), the Ostwürttemberg Innovation Award, the Wirtschaftsmagnet (Economic Magnet), and various awards and recognitions for social commitment.