PC-PLC Communication with ACCON

ACCON stands for Access and Control. And thus for many well-known and reliable products from DELTA LOGIC. When it comes to PC-PLC communication in the Siemens environment, you will find everything from OPC servers to programming adapters in our ACCON products. In the following we have listed all ACCON products for you, so that you can get directly to the suitable tool.

PC-PLC Communication with ACCON

With the various ACCON products from DELTA LOGIC you are well equipped for your tasks in the field of PC-PLC communication. No matter if it is about different software tools, programming adapters for S7 PLCs or communication adapters for S5 controllers.

Data Exchange between PC and Siemens Controller

Data Exchange between PC and Siemens Controller DELTA LOGIC has developed suitable products especially for the field of Siemens controllers. With the so-called Schwabenware, the innovative software and hardware solutions for PC-PLC communication from DELTA LOGIC, you are well equipped for this environment. In the software area, you will find an OPC UA server, the proven ACCON-AGLink communication library, a datalogger, a SoftPLC, a backup tool and an S5 programming environment.
If you want to connect your older Siemens controller model to your network, the various ACCON communication adapters for S5 and S7 PLCs provide the right options for you here.


DELTA LOGIC offers a wide range of software solutions for S5 controllers, S7 PLCs and SINUMERIK machine tool controllers from Siemens. The ACCON software products help you e.g. with PC-PLC communication and data logging of PLC data. Other useful tools include a SoftPLC and an S7 backup tool.

Communication Software

When accessing data from your Siemens controller, you can rely on the standardized and widely used OPC UA interface, for example. For more complex, own applications the versatile communication library ACCON-AGLink is a good choice.

  • ACCON-OPC-Server UA - probably the fastest OPC UA Server on the market for S7 PLCs and SINUMERIK machine tool controllers
  • ACCON-AGLink - the communication library for different operating systems, programming languages and communication channels

If you are looking for even more information about the basic possibilities for PC-PLC Communication, have a look at our page on this topic.


When it comes to quality assurance, energy efficiency optimization and troubleshooting, data logging is an important tool in production. By recording the data provided by the PLC, important conclusions can be drawn, as well as evidence of consistent product quality.


With a SoftPLC you can work completely virtual:

Play it safe and backup your PLC programs with:

With our longtime tested and proven programming system you can create your S5 programs.

  • ACCON-PG supports IL, LD and FBD for all PLCs from AG 90U to AG 155U


All new PLC models of the S7 series already offer the possibility to easily connect them to the network or to access them from the computer. Preferably, access is via an Ethernet connection. However, many older S7 controllers do not offer this. Therefore, a special adapter is required for data exchange with the PC. DELTA LOGIC offers the ACCON-NetLink adapter in two different versions as well as an adapter for the serial RS-232 interface.


Many old S5 controllers still do a very good job. Due to all the technical innovations and possibilities of Industry 4.0 and IIoT, these should also be connected to the existing network in order to access their data. We offer various S5 communication adapters for this purpose:

ACCON OPC UA Server High-performance, certified OPC UA server for S7 and SINUMERIK

For access to your Siemens controller via OPC UA the ACCON OPC UA Server is the right choice. Besides S7 PLCs, it is also suitable for SINUMERIK machine tool controllers. One of the few servers certified by the OPC Foundation that also supports optimized data blocks.

From €790.00*
ACCON-NetLink-PRO compact The compact all-rounder. Our most popular communication adapter
The compact all-rounder among the programming adapters between PC and S7 PLCs ACCON-NetLink-PRO compact is a handy communication and programming adapter between PC and S7 controllers. The electronics of the ACCON-NetLink-PRO compact is placed in the case of a PROFIBUS connector. Thus, the adapter is very small and handy.As all-rounder, the ACCON-NetLink-PRO compact can be connected to the PLC via MPI, PROFIBUS and PPI. The ACCON-NetLink-PRO compact automatically detects the current bus settings of the PLC. Perfect fields of application As programming adapter to create and change the PLC program As communication adapter for visualisations As communication adapter to access the PLC's data For remote maintenance via internet, intranet, dial-in router Varied ranges of application Programming S7 controllers with STEP 7 Changing S7 programs via a company network (intranet) Projecting HMI devices with WinCC flexible Connecting visualisations to S7 PLCs via TCP/IP (RFC 1006) Logging S7 data via TCP/IP (e.g. with ACCON-EasyLog) Remote maintenance of S7 controllers via internet (VPN, e.g. via the DELTA LOGIC Connectivity Service) Convincing and varied The communication of the ACCON-NetLink-PRO compact to the PC is effected via TCP/IP so that it can be used for remote maintenance purposes via router, intranet and internet. The ACCON-NetLink-PRO compact can be configurated via its integrated website. For the security of your facility, the access to the website is protected by a password.The ACCON-NetLink-PRO compact supports the S7 communication via RFC 1006 (ISO on TCP). Thus, TCP/IP communication processors (e.g. CP343-1) can be replaced by this adapter. However, projected connections are not supported. Furthermore, the ACCON-NetLink-PRO compact supports the parameterization of DP-Slaves via DP-V1 (class 2).A driver for SIMATIC applications (ACCON-S7-NET) is included in delivery. The ACCON-NetLink-PRO compact is fed by the connected bus. Alternatively, you can use external 24 VDC (e.g. with this external power supply). Technical highlights Compact design Automatic bus profile detection Full PROFIBUS speed up to 12 Mbps Extended diagnostics Supporting MPI, PROFIBUS and PPI Supporting DHCP Supporting slave parameterization via DP-V1 (class 2) Supporting all standard SIMATIC Engineering Tools Supporting ISO on TCP (RFC 1006) Active connection cable, therefore no spur lines Voltage supply from the CPU External 24 VDC voltage feed possible Plug with PG bushing Galvanically isolated Applicable up to 60 ° ACCON-AGLink implemented Made in Germany
ACCON AGLink The fast and flexible communication library for smooth PC-PLC data exchange

ACCON AGLink enables the data exchange between PC and Siemens controller. Among other things, it offers functions for data access, diagnostics and time synchronization. Compatible with various operating systems, programming languages and controllers, such as S7, S5, SINUMERIK, LOGO! and Siemens-compatible PLCs.