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VPN Portal for the Industry

Without VPNs, so-called virtual private networks, secure communication between different networks is almost unthinkable nowadays. They enable secure data exchange even over longer distances and between different networks, thus protecting them from unauthorized and unwanted access.

To set up your own VPN, you need a VPN service. For this purpose, DELTA LOGIC offers the DELTA LOGIC Connectivity Service, a VPN portal where you can easily set up and manage a VPN and integrate relevant devices with just a few clicks. This makes it easy to connect PCs, routers, controllers, HMIs and other locally connected devices. For use in China, there is a separate variant of the DELTA LOGIC Connectivity Service.

With the DELTA LOGIC Connectivity Service, you can thus easily access your devices securely even remotely. You can also add access control within the VPN for additional security in remote maintenance. If you want to get started right away with your new router and DELTA LOGIC's VPN portal without having to do the initial setup yourself, you can have us preconfigure the router for you for this purpose.

Router configuration with DELTA LOGIC Connectivity Service Get your VPN router readily configured and start right away with your VPN connection
Order your new router pre-configured with the VPN service DELTA LOGIC Connectivity Service and save time. And it's that easy: Order your VPN router together with this router configuration If you do not already have one, create a user account for the DELTA LOGIC Connectivity Service Download the appropriate pdf form in the Download tab of the router configuration and send it filled out to mentioning your order number Note: Offer only valid in conjunction with a router purchase from DELTA LOGIC Automatisierungstechnik GmbH. We are happy to offer you commissioning support via TeamViewer. Please contact us for an offer.
DELTA LOGIC Connectivity Service VPN service for secure remote maintenance of your M2M applications.
VPN service for secure access to your systems and applications DELTA LOGIC Connectivity Service gives you the ability to set up and manage your own VPN. Just a few clicks and you can integrate the equipment relevant to you, e.g. PCs, routers and locally connected network devices (e.g. PLCs or HMIs). As a result, you can customize the VPN to your needs with minimal effort and maximize the efficiency of your remote maintenance. Perfect fields of application The DELTA LOGIC Connectivity Service is ideally suited to setting up and administering VPNs of almost any size and complexity - with the highest possible security. Every client must pass certificate-based authentication (X.509) before being allowed to establish the encrypted connection to the portal. These certificates can be automatically renewed at regular intervals. Even within the VPN, you can increase security through access controls. Assigning subscriber units to different groups clearly defines which device can communicate with which remote station. The integrated firewall means it’s also possible to restrict this data traffic even more specifically (based on IP addresses, ports and protocols). In addition, this VPN portal offers the possibility of internal monitoring. Here, the connection to the VPN clients or end devices is checked at regular intervals. In the event of a break in the connection, you can be notified directly via e-mail. Varied ranges of application To learn about the capabilities and deployment range of the DELTA LOGIC Connectivity Service, we invite you to test it for free. To this end, we’ll provide you with four licenses without obligation for a period of four weeks. Simply register directly at the DELTA LOGIC Connectivity Service‘s website: Convincing and multifaceted In addition to the DELTA LOGIC Connectivity Service, at DELTA LOGIC you’ll find a wide range of diverse VPN routers. These VPN routers can be integrated via an intuitive quick start wizard with a few clicks on the DELTA LOGIC Connectivity Service. For more information on the VPN router models, see the Accessories tab below or go directly to the remote maintenance product category. If you purchase a new router, you can also have us pre-configure it directly for use with the DELTA LOGIC Connectivity Service. Technical Highlights Quick start for DELTA LOGIC VPN routersHigh security through various ISO 27001 certified data centers and multi-factor authentication Full routing with direct addressing down to the individual end device Free assignment of IP addresses within the VPN Access controls from within the VPN Network monitoring for VPN clients and end devices Access also available without license via web proxy Certificate-based authentication (X.509) Automatic certificate recognition2 free licenses for an always on connection between PC and routerr