PC-PLC Communikation
for Industry 4.0 and IoT

Software for PC-PLC Communication

Industry 4.0 and IoT require fast and secure data exchange in production. The new and widely used standard is OPC UA. You can connect a wide variety of products from different manufacturers via this standardized interface. Your advantage? You can connect your IT with your OT without time-consuming adaptation of the data to be exchanged.

In addition to the probably best performing OPC server UA for Siemens controllers on the market, DELTA LOGIC also offers its own, very extensive and proven communication library - ACCON AGLink. This allows you to implement your own applications that require even more functionality without being limited to the standardized range of functions of the OPC interface. ACCON AGLink can be used with a wide variety of operating systems, programming languages, communication paths and controllers.

Both solutions, ACCON OPC UA Server as well as ACCON-AGLink, support the possibility to communicate via Secure Communication in addition to S7 PLCs and SINUMERIK machine tool controllers. With ACCON-AGLink you can also access PLCs of the type S5 and LOGO!. Your application does not support OPC UA, but only the classic variant OPC DA? For this as well, we have the right solution for you with the S7/S5 OPC Server DA.

ACCON OPC UA Server High-performance, certified OPC UA server for S7 and SINUMERIK

For access to your Siemens controller via OPC UA the ACCON OPC UA Server is the right choice. Besides S7 PLCs, it is also suitable for SINUMERIK machine tool controllers. One of the few servers certified by the OPC Foundation that also supports optimized data blocks.

From €790.00*
S7/S5-OPC-Server DA Fast and comfortable access to S7 and S5 via OPC DA

With the S7/S5-OPC-Server you directly access the process data of a Siemens S7 and S5 PLC or LOGO! controllers via the OPC DA interface. A modification of the PLC program is not necessary for this.

ACCON AGLink The fast and flexible communication library for smooth PC-PLC data exchange

ACCON AGLink enables the data exchange between PC and Siemens controller. Among other things, it offers functions for data access, diagnostics and time synchronization. Compatible with various operating systems, programming languages and controllers, such as S7, S5, SINUMERIK, LOGO! and Siemens-compatible PLCs.

From €510.00*