The Right Hardware
as the Perfect Complement to your Swabianware

Hardware for Automation

In production, there are other items besides software, suitable adapters as well as remote maintenance products that are essential for the smooth functioning of the plant. You can find the hardware as well as accessories for this here.

An important prerequisite for automation is often a functioning Profibus communication. If problems occur here, such as data loss and poor signal quality, the entire plant can quickly come to a standstill. The PROFIBUS Tester BC700 offers a simple and fast diagnostic possibility. Battery-operated, it can be used anywhere independently for comprehensive MPI/PROFIBUS network testing. With the digital leakage current clamp as a supplement, you can also measure and detect leakage and residual currents, among other things.

For the connection of different devices via Ethernet you need a switch. For easy installation in the control cabinet, we offer you DIN rail switches in two sizes. This allows you to quickly connect different devices in the same network in a space-saving way. In addition, you will find an external 24 V DC power supply for the connection of VPN routers, S7 adapters and S5 adapters.

PROFIBUS-Tester BC-700 For fast and easy diagnosis and analysis of Profibus systems
The effective and universally applicable diagnostics tool The PROFIBUS-Tester BC-700 with oscilloscope view in stand-alone mode is a measuring device which allows a full and reactionless testing of PROFIBUS segments during operation. Thus, even sporadic interferences are detected. Furthermore, the integrated master simulator allows testing the bus without the need for an operational readiness of the PLC. Thus, even single »suspicious« bus devices can be tested. Perfect fields of application Installation, bringing into service, documentation, acceptance and optimization of PROFIBUS networks For preventive maintenance Debugging and testing field devices Varied ranges of application On connection to a PROFIBUS-DP segment, the baudrate respectively the idle voltage is automatically detected.The PROFIBUS-Tester BC-700 can either be operated via PC/Notebook or alternatively self-sufficiently via a four-line display and the four function keys.The display and detail analysis of the measuring results is effected on the PC with the free operating software PB DIAG Suite.With the PROFIBUS-Tester BC-700, bringing into service times can be reduced. Later in service, the plant availability can be ensured and therefore be increased due to regular preventive testings. And if there are interferences anyway, the PROFIBUS-Tester BC-700 will locate the problem fast and securely. In this way, an unscheduled idleness can at least be reduced. Convincing and varied The PROFIBUS-Tester BC-700 provides extra-reliable measuring results by what field bus problems can simply and securely be detected and solved. It is the first measuring device which differs accurately if there are physical problems, e.g. with cables or connectors, or if there is a communication problem with the PLC or a bus device. Technical highlights Integrated rechargeable battery for operation without external power supply Comprehensive network tests in stand-alone mode even without a laptop With cable test function Supporting simultaneous protocol analysis and diagnostics of the signal quality of all bus devices Device-relevant measuring of the signal characteristics with integrated storage oscilloscope Detection of the electric signal quality of the single bus devices Telegram decryption for FDL, DP-V0, DP-V1, DP-V2 Comprehensive online analysis of all essential parameters of a PROFIBUS network Free, intuitively operable software PB DIAG Suite (Easy-To-Use) Comfortable creation of testing and acceptance protocols Self-sufficient recording without PC is possible Functionality of the test tools  Test  functions PROFIBUS Tester BC-700-PB  Test features  Battery powered  X  Graphical color display  X  Galvanic isolation X  Suitable for PROFIBUS PA Adapter (MPB)  X  Master simulator X  Trigger Input/Output X  Stand-alone mode without PC  Test with results  Bus status X  Signal analysis X  Station localization (Topology)  X  Oscilloscope  X  Cable test  X  Recording  Quick test   X  Trend   X  Operation with PC and PROFIBUS Diagnostics Suite  Network status  Quick and User-controlled test X  Overview bus physics and communication X  Protocol analysis X  Signal analysis (EIA-485) X  Signal analysis (MPB)   optional  Topology X  Trend  Signal quality X  Critical events X  Expert mode  Frame recording X  Oscilloscope X  Test report X Delivery scope The BC-700 carrying case contains: Measurement device with RS485 interface Rechargeable battery pack (internal battery) Wide-range power supply with European and US mains power cables RS485 D-sub adapter cable BC-600-PB-CB-DSUB-2 “Standard” (cable petrol blue, light connector) for PROFIBUS DP USB cable, 2 m Terminal block for trigger input/output CD-ROM with driver software, PC software and detailed integrated help system in English and German Documentation for BC-700 and for the PROFIBUS Diagnostics Suite PC software Recommendation As an aditional accessory the digital leakage current clamp is recommended.
Digital Leakage Current Clamp Digital leakage current clamp for troubleshooting
Digital leakage current clamp for 40Hz-1.000Hz, Min/Max, with integrated data hold. The digital leakage current clamp is a recommended accessory for the PROFIBUS Tester BC-700. Included in scope of delivery:     1 leakage current clamp     2 test leads with test probes     2 batteries 1,5V IEC LR6     1 ever-ready case     1 instruction manual
Top-hat rail adapter for SCR
Optional mounting kit for top hat rails. Adapter is fixed in the mounting groove of the SCR housing. Allows different mounting directions for distributors and control cabinets.Dimensions: 50 mm high, 30 mm wide, 3.5 mm installation depth (on top hat rail)
External 24 VDC power supply Safe power supply via plug-in
External power supply unit for VPN router, S7 adapters and S5 adapters. Input: 100-240V AC Output: 24V DC.
Top-hat rail switch Spider III Robust, industrial grade Ethernet switch
Robust Ethernet switch which suits industrial needs The top-hat rail switches of the Spider family have been developed especially for the use in industrial environment. It is mounted on a DIN top-hat rail.The top-hat rail switches support Ethernet 10 MBit/s and fast Ethernet 100MBit/s. The devices enable the set-up of switched Ethernet networks according to the standard IEEE 802.3 or 802.3u with copper technique. Perfect application examples To establish switched Ethernet networks to connect PCs with PLCs. Varied ranges of application PCs and an ACCON-NetLink-PRO compact will be connected to the top-hat rail switch Spider. So every PC can exchange data with PLCs which are connected to the ACCON-NetLink-PRO compact. Technical highlights Assembly on top-hat rail Easy commissioning through auto-crossing, auto-negotiation, auto-polarity High fail-safe/reliability
Top-hat rail holder short Einfache und schnelle Befestigung an der Hutschiene
To install an adapter on a DIN rail.