OPC UA – High Performance
for Industry 4.0 and IIoT

The constantly growing requirements in Industry 4.0 and IIoT demand flexible and high-performance solutions. In order to be able to exchange data efficiently, a standardized interface is often used. This enables simple exchange between a wide variety of systems without special adaptations.

The current standard for data exchange is OPC Unified Architecture (OPC UA) for secure, reliable communication, independent of manufacturer and platform. Independent and across operating systems, OPC UA enables exchange between products from different manufacturers.

Cross-platform communication with OPC UA

The solution ACCON OPC UA Server from DELTA LOGIC has been designed for these scenarios. It was developed especially for the requirements of the Siemens S7 and SINUMERIK controller environment. You want the secure transfer of your data between the OPC server and an UA client or the lightning fast speed of transferring your data from an S7 PLC or a SINUMERIK machine tool control to the server, the ACCON OPC UA Server offers the perfect solution for your demanding requirements.

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Access to your Siemens controllers

You can connect to your Siemens S7 PLC and your SINUMERIK via OPC UA. You can read and write your data from up to 255 controllers at the same time. Thereby the controller types

  • Siemens S7-300, S7-400,
  • S7-1200, S7-1500,
  • SINUMERIK ONE, Create MyVirtual Machine,
  • SINUMERIK 810D, 840D,
  • as well as S7-compatible PLCs

are supported. The Node IDs are compatible to Siemens SOFTNET. Changes in the PLC project are not necessary.

High performance in controller communication

You value good performance? With the ACCON OPC UA Server you get a high performance data access to your controllers. In our tests the ACCON OPC UA Server was always the fastest in optimized reading of different amounts of data compared to our market competitors.

We want to offer the fastest OPC server on the market - please contact us if you have scenarios in which our server is slower than one of our market competitors. We will be happy to analyze your scenario and incorporate appropriate optimizations.

OPC UA Server certified by the OPC Foundation

Play it safe and trust in a software solution certified by the OPC Foundation. The ACCON OPC UA Server complies with the standard 2017 UA Server Profile and the OPC Foundation specification version 1.04. There are currently only two certified OPC Servers UA that support access to optimized data blocks.

OPC UA communication security tailored to your needs

The ACCON OPC UA Server supports all OPC UA security levels. Depending on your application situation you can easily select and set it. The user authentication is either realized with user name and password or alternatively with a certificate.
In case of server failure, the service will restart automatically and you will be notified about it by e-mail. If your certificate expires, you will be notified in time.

OPC UA Server compatible with TIA Portal

You work with TIA Portal? Optimized data blocks, as well as the online symbol import of S7-1200 and S7-1500 controllers are supported by ACCON OPC UA Server.

  • Of course you can also import symbols from Siemens TIA Portal and Simatic Manager projects.
  • The ACCON OPC UA Server is multi-project capable: You can use variables from several TIA Portal projects and Simatic Manager projects in the same address space.
  • Changing the address space during operation is possible without restarting the server.
  • You can configure the variables of your Address Space using remote configuration via network access.
  • Connect your old controllers as a retrofit or use the latest controllers with TIA Portal and online symbol import.

Quickly installed OPC UA server

The ACCON OPC UA Server is quickly installed and immediately ready for use. An intuitive and clear user interface awaits you. Everything important can be created and configured fast and easy. Take a look at the video linked to the right with a live presentation of the product.

SINUMERIK access and virtual devices - latest features of the ACCON OPC UA Server

CNC controls of the SINUMERIK series benefit from the latest version. With ACCON OPC UA Server SINUMERIK-controlled machines can be addressed directly via OPC UA. Communication via OPC UA is not only possible with 810D and 840D machine tool controllers, but since version 1.2 also with SINUMERIK ONE and Create MyVirtual Machine.

For example, you can determine utilization and availability, read out a wide variety of data and use it for preventive maintenance. Access over 4,000 NC variables and your user data (GUDs), also via convenient browsing. Access to the running NC program as well as to the SINUMERIK PLC data is also supported.

The latest highlight of the ACCON OPC UA Server (from version 1.3) are virtual devices. This allows you to easily perform client-to-client communication without a PLC. A virtual device, which is located on the OPC server, manages the so-called virtual variables for the data exchange. Existing controllers can be virtualized via the virtual device mode in order to test easily without access to the production system.

With ACCON OPC UA Server, the changeover from "classic" OPC DA is now even easier. Also the change from older S7/S5-OPC-Servers from DELTA LOGIC, Softing and Helmholz to ACCON OPC UA Server is simplified. Switching from the old DA servers to the newer UA servers is a big step towards more data security for you. Also the BSI recommends the use of OPC UA. Since version 1.2 Secure PG/PC and HMI communication, also known as Secure Communication, is also supported.

You can find even more information about the features of ACCON OPC UA Server on the product page as well as on our YouTube channel. Among other things, there are tutorials for switching from OPC DA to OPC UA, how to configure for SINUMERIK or for creating a NodeRED dashboard.