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Software for Automation

For the automation of your plant you need the suitable software from the area of PC PLC communication. No matter if it is about datalogging, communication or other helpful software tools, at DELTA LOGIC you will find the right software around Siemens controllers for this purpose.

Whether you rely on a standard interface such as OPC UA or the older OPC DA for your communication, or whether you prefer a completely individual solution that you implement with a communication library, is entirely up to you. If you want to communicate via the most widely used variant OPC UA, you can exchange data between different devices and software programs - completely independent of the manufacturer. The ACCON OPC UA Server provides you with an OPC UA server that can read and write data from Siemens controllers S7, SINUMERIK, SINUMERIK One, Create MyVirtual Machine. With the communication library ACCON AGLink, on the other hand, you can implement programs exactly for your application in a wide variety of programming languages, operating systems and across a great range of communication paths.

Dataloggers are critical to automation because they provide the basis for analysis, quality control and optimization, as well as energy saving opportunities. With the fast and easy data logger ACCON EasyLog you can record data from S7, LOGO! and Sigmatek controllers and have it available for output as csv, SQL, in ALS format and graphically. AutoSPY Analyzer is a comprehensive program for sampling or cycle accurate recording from S5, S7, via OPC, Labjack and video.

Among the tools you will find the long-proven S5 programming software ACCON PG, a backup tool ACCON S7 Backup for S7 programs, the S7-416 compliant Soft-PLC ACCONtrol S7 Win32/SIM, as well as the realistic plant simulator ProMod-Pro.

ACCON OPC UA Server High-performance, certified OPC UA server for S7 and SINUMERIK

For access to your Siemens controller via OPC UA the ACCON OPC UA Server is the right choice. Besides S7 PLCs, it is also suitable for SINUMERIK machine tool controllers. One of the few servers certified by the OPC Foundation that also supports optimized data blocks.

From €790.00*
S7/S5-OPC-Server DA Fast and comfortable access to S7 and S5 via OPC DA

With the S7/S5-OPC-Server you directly access the process data of a Siemens S7 and S5 PLC or LOGO! controllers via the OPC DA interface. A modification of the PLC program is not necessary for this.

ACCON AGLink The fast and flexible communication library for smooth PC-PLC data exchange

ACCON AGLink enables the data exchange between PC and Siemens controller. Among other things, it offers functions for data access, diagnostics and time synchronization. Compatible with various operating systems, programming languages and controllers, such as S7, S5, SINUMERIK, LOGO! and Siemens-compatible PLCs.

From €510.00*
ACCONtrol S7-Win32/SIM S7 command-compliant soft PLC for optimal PLC program development

ACCONtrol is a soft PLC. It simulates an S7 PLC system on a PC, with which S7 programs can run. Useful e.g. for development and debugging of STEP7 controller programs or for function test execution.

ACCON EasyLog The fast and simple datalogger

Monitor and store your PLC process data for quality control as CSV file or in an SQL database with the modular datalogger ACCON EasyLog. It supports S7 Classic and TIA Portal project formats. The graphical representation of your data is also possible via the corresponding module.

From €510.00*
ACCON-PG S5 programming system for all S5 controllers

With ACCON-PG you can easily program your S5 in IL, LD or FBD (AWL, KOP and FUP). It works directly with S5D files, CPU specific instruction checking, as well as an extensive and context sensitive help.

AutoSPY Analyzer Variable analysis software

Record the process data of your PLC-controlled plant for evaluation or graphical display. Use the recording for quality control or fault analysis. Drivers are available for S5, S7, OPC DA, Video and LabJack.

From €1,380.00*
ACCON-S7-Backup Convenient software for backup and restore of S7 programs

ACCON-S7-Backup makes backing up and restoring S7 programs very easy and convenient. It directly uses the S7 project format and also supports the automated backup of your PLC program.

ProMod-Pro single license USB Virtual plant models for PLC training
The versatile and realistic plant simulator (available only in German) The system simulation ProMod-Pro provides ready-to-use PLC-controlled models. Without wasting much time with the construction and wiring of real lab models, learners start right away with the essentials - developing and testing the PLC program. Learn PLC programming and commissioning To teach the most important skills in PLC programming, ProMod-Pro helps you to train PLC programmers. In addition, you can use it to train the commissioning of a PLC-controlled virtual plant. Tool for training and further education in PLC programming The plant simulation software ProMod-Pro offers a wide range of possibilities for training and further education. The program supports trainees and students in the step-by-step learning of skills related to PLC programming. Starting with learning how to program a PLC, through the functional testing of a PLC program, the automation of work processes to troubleshooting by simulating error situations in a PLC program. PLC program creation with many tools possible The ProMod-Pro software includes more than 60 realistic models from the fields of drive technology, hydraulics, materials handling, process technology and control engineering. The large number of models makes it possible to create PLC programs at different levels of difficulty. The PLC programs can be created with any programming tool, for example with STEP 7, CodeSys V2.3 or the TIA Portal. Among others, CodeSys V2.3, S7-PLCSIM or a S7-300/400/1200/1500 controller can be used as PLC. Technical highlights More than 60 ready-made plant models Operating and monitoring the models directly on the PC S7 access via MPI, PROFIBUS or TCP/IP Also suitable for S7-PLCSIM Also suitable for S7-1200/1500 Usable with CodeSys V2.3 Usable with TIA Portal ACCON AGLink implemented