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Dataloggers for Automation

Dataloggers for automation Recording your production data for analysis purposes provides the basis for cost optimization and quality control. Using a suitable data logger to store the desired production data from the PLC to the PC is the easiest way to realize this.

With the popular datalogger ACCON EasyLog from DELTA LOGIC, recording and archiving process data from your S7 PLC for quality assurance and control is very easy to do. Data can be archived in an SQL database, in CSV format and for the Arburg host computer system ALS. Logging is possible in a time- and event-controlled manner.

The versatile and comprehensive analysis software AutoSPY Analyzer offers modules for sample-accurate and cycle-accurate acquisition of PLC data. S5 and S7 PLCs are supported as input data sources, as well as OPC, Labjack and video.

ACCON-EasyLog The fast and simple datalogger

Monitor and store your PLC process data for quality control as CSV file or in an SQL database with the modular datalogger ACCON-EasyLog. It supports S7 Classic and TIA Portal project formats, SIGMATEK controllers via TCP/IP. The graphical representation of your data is also possible via the corresponding module.

From €510.00*
AutoSPY Analyzer Variable analysis software

Record the process data of your PLC-controlled plant for evaluation or graphical display. Use the recording for quality control or fault analysis. Drivers are available for S5, S7, OPC DA, Video and LabJack.

From €1,380.00*